Mood Changing + Glow In The Dark Gel Polish

  • Colors change when temperature start to go lower than 82F (Body Temp.)
  • Glows under Blacklight & In The Dark
  • 24 Amazing Sets of Colors


Step 1: Prep The Nail

Clean the nail with regular manicure steps.

Step 2: Apply Base Coat

Apply 1 layer of base and cure in a LED/UV Lamp. 15-30 Seconds for LED, 2-3 Minutes for UV.

Step 3: Apply MoodGlow Gel

Apply 1 Layer of Moodglow Gel to the nail and cure under LED/UV Lamp. 30 Seconds for LED, 3 Minutes for UV. Repeat one more time.

Step 4: Apply Top Coat

Lastly, apply a layer of Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds with LED Lamp or 3 minutes with UV lamp.